An Easy Distance

“An easy distance, do you call it? It is nearly fifty miles.”
“And what is fifty miles of good road? Little more than half a day’s journey. Yes, I call it a very easy distance.” – Jane Austen

Andrew and Shana are the Co-owners and Co-Editors in Chief of which specializes in adventure stories, ESL teaching, cooking and arguing with each other about syntax.

I didn’t know the last Die Hard movie did so poorly that Bruce Willis had to get a second job working construction… Hard times, hard times
I love what the perspective on this train ad does to Clooney’s face. Haha, nice to see he’s getting some work. Sometimes I wonder, do Japanese companies just use stock images…I mean these pictures are barely related. Is it Kirin’s bad attempt at word association? “George Clooney is to Kirin beer as …” More thoughts on this later.
Hangin’ in the Bay Quarter
The view from our new apt
Go Eagles.
Is it “Fun Cargo” or is it a “Fun Car Go” or a “Funcar Go”???? 
So confusing.
I get to wear sunglasses today!!
Shinkansen Fuji-San sighting
Japan, why!?
One of the coolest places on earth…
Also Genghis Khan!
Shana’s silver ring is now multicored from a trip to the onsen… souvenir!
The only way to wrap onsen and snowboarding.